Harriet Brewing

When Jason Sowards of Harriet Brewing told me, “Janis, we are going to be the first Beer Tap Room in Minnesota under the New Legislation. But I need help figuring out what the regulations are going to be. I want to have the brew kettles out in the open so everyone can feel a part of the process. I want to have live jazz bands playing every night; we could be a hot new music venue. And, I want to just have couches and soft chairs laying about, and have my record collection playing when the band isn’t on. I want people to pour outdoors to enjoy the view of downtown. Oh, and let’s have food trucks pull up to our garage doors to sell food.”

Jason had the vision and the business plan, and my job was to calmly take a serious look at the often conflicting regulations, and help the City and Jason to work together making his dream come true. It has been a winding road, as goals were added and dropped, regulations hindered and helped. But as Harriet Brewing celebrates another anniversary, it has made its mark on Minneapolis culture!
Photographs courtesy Harriet Brewing

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