Light Rail Stations

Public Architecture serves the community, sometimes in the background, sometimes prominently. The new Light Rail Stations are the iconic intersection of transportation and community. We were privileged to design three on the first line, the Blue Line.

LRT Gov Sta-main shot-sm

The Government Station is designed to reflect the traditional architecture of the City Hall, framing the entrance like a jewelry boxes. The rounded end indicates the direction of travel, like an engine, while the square end follows, like a caboose.

Franklin South Tower

The Franklin Station is a joyous celebration of neighborhood meeting commerce, and is intended as an anchor for future commercial development.

 LRT Bloomington-main shot-sm

Two stations in Bloomington, Central and 28th Avenue share their design of limestone bases below steel canopies in a gesture to the adjacent Minnesota River Valley.

In 2009 we were part of a team that designed extensions to the stations to accommodate three cars instead of two.





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